Chalet-style living room

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The chalet style, which took shape a couple of centuries ago at the junction of the Swiss and French Alps, still retains its popularity today, successfully competing with many younger and more sophisticated styles. The reason for this success is simple - the style offers the unhurried, traditional comfort that is so much appreciated today. Therefore, the simple and romantic design of the living room in the chalet style is increasingly appearing in modern interiors.

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Style Attributes

Shepherd's and hunting lodges, which became the founders of the style, were built in the mountains and served as a temporary shelter from bad weather. They were built from the material that was in abundance in the vicinity - from stone and wood. The interior design was extremely unpretentious, the room was filled with everyday objects, no one even thought about decorating the home.

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In the first third of the 20th century, mountain tourism began to develop in the Alps, and huts served as the prototype for new spacious houses and hotels. The interior has undergone many changes; sophistication and charm have replaced the former forced asceticism of the environment.

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The modern interior of the chalet-style living room has retained its distinctive features, which can be described as follows: 

The room is characterized by large dimensions, high ceilings, wide windows.

A spacious living room is not uncommon.

Natural materials, wood and stone are used for decoration.

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The simplicity of the decor and the deliberate roughness of the surfaces, their shabby, worn-out and cozy look are striking.

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There is a fireplace in the living room of the chalet. It acts as the central element around which the entire composition of the room is built.

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Furniture and decor items are distinguished by their large size, solidity, good quality.

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