7 Wall Plate Decoration Ideas That Will Change Your Home

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

One way to beautify your home easily and inexpensively is to add plate decorations on the walls. Come on, let's discuss more.

Plates can be an alternative to anti-mainstream wall decorations and they don't look boring.

This method can be used for those of you who are looking for wall decoration decoration ideas or are looking for a replacement for current wall decorations.

The types of plates used are also very diverse, from small to large sizes, from plain motifs to unique decorative patterns.

No need to linger, let's take a look at the inspiration for decorating plates on the wall that you can imitate at home.

Here are 7 plate decoration ideas on the wall that can be used as inspiration.

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

1. Make a Complementary Decoration Above the Door

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

Every house must have an empty wall area that looks useless and less pleasing to the eye, for example the area above the door.

If you want to fill it with something artistic to make it look more attractive, then decorative plates can be the most appropriate solution.

In the illustration above, you can see a piece by Margaret Kirkland cleverly hanging an antique platter over the door.

Try placing it higher to make the room feel more spacious.

2. Combine With Gallery on Wall

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

Creating a photo gallery and painting on the wall is a way of decorating the walls that has long been used before decorating plates.

However, actually these two things can be combined so that the artistic and aesthetic benefits are much more pronounced.

The use of plate decorations on the wall can be used to fill the empty spaces between each photo or painting.

3. Install in the Guest Bedroom

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

Who says decorating plates on the wall only applies to the kitchen or dining area? Not really, really!

In the photo above, you can definitely see how the proper arrangement of plate decorations is still suitable for use in the bedroom.

The placement system itself carries the concept of symmetrical grouping so that the color palette of the bed is more radiated throughout the room.

To do this, choose an antique plate model or decorative plate that matches the pattern or design style of your bedroom.

4. Make the Stair Wall Hanging

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

If previously you used to decorate the stairs with family photos and paintings, maybe now is the time to replace them with decorative plates.

You can choose the right model, size, and color of decorative plates that can best reflect the main charm of your home.

Various models and forms of decorative plates that exist have aesthetic elements that are commensurate with photos and paintings.

However, the uniqueness of the geometric elements of the decorative plate is the main distinguishing factor that other types of decoration cannot have.

5. Wall Lamp Complementary Decoration

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

You're still not convinced to take plate decoration on the wall more seriously?

No problem, really! You can try experimenting first by decorating the walls with a bed lamp or living room lamp.

The picture above is an example of a decorative plate mounted behind a lamp that is proven to make a different impression in the room.

6. Decorative Plates Full of Colors with High Taste

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

Decoration is a matter of taste and creativity of every devotee. Therefore, there is never a limit on how one should be creative.

This applies also in decorating decorative plates for the walls of your home.

For example, if you want to match the feel of a bright and cheerful home, you can arrange to make the chosen decorative plate more attractive and colorful.

In fact, if you are not satisfied, you can still decorate the colors and motifs of the decorative plates that will be displayed so that they are not boring.

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7. Beautify Your Private Bedroom with Decorative Plates

Plate Decoration Ideas on the Wall

Placement of plate decorations on the walls of a private bedroom may not be the choice of many people. However, that doesn't mean it can't be tried, right?

If you are interested in trying but are still confused about how to do it, try imitating the decoration model with a plain white decorative plate on top.

No need to be confused about the position because you can adjust it according to your taste!

Hopefully this plate decoration idea on the wall can inspire, Friend.