16 Best Bedroom Paint Colors Based On MBTI Personality. Which One Are You?

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Confused about choosing the bedroom paint color that you really like? Try choosing a personality paint color based on MBTI's personality.

The MBTI is a personality test that can give you a lot of knowledge about what you are like.

Unlike the zodiac, which is determined by date of birth, this test requires you to answer a series of statements.

In the MBTI, there are 16 personality types, namely 8 extroverted personalities and 8 introverted personalities.

Each personality certainly has its own characteristics, even about the appropriate color.

Reporting from  The Spruce , here are the colors that suit each MBTI personality…

Best Bedroom Paint Colors Based on MBTI

mbti color for the best bedroom paint color

1. ENFP: Electric Kumquat

You are passionate and full of boundless enthusiasm, so don't be surprised if you go with bright colors.

Therefore, electric kumquat is the most suitable color for your soul full of passion.

This color can stimulate your creative side and give it its own charm.

2. INFP: Breezy Beach

The INFP personality is closely related to the “lost in one's mind” stereotype, as this type enjoys the peace that can be achieved by being alone.


As a very private place, the bedroom can be a haven of tranquility for you.

To make it feel more perfect, choose a Breezy Beach bedroom paint color that can provide a calming atmosphere.

3. ENTP: Spectral Blue

You are a person who likes to think and often come up with unusual ideas and always look to the future.

With such a personality, the spectral blue color is very suitable to be used as a bedroom paint color.

4. INTP: Stone Quarry

You are known as the type of person who is simple and does not like to complicate the little things that are or are happening around you.

For bedroom paint colors, choose a stone quarry color that fits perfectly with your no-nonsense personality.

5. ESFJ: Rose Power

You are approachable, so you want colors that radiate the same energy.

The color that suits this personality type is rose power with an elegant pale pink hue.

6. ISFJ: Minimalist Look

You may be the type of person who spends a lot of time alone, but also doesn't close yourself off to others.

With such characteristics, the color that suits you is a minimalist look with a clean and smooth appearance.

7. ESTJ: Gravity Grey

You are not a person who likes to play games, especially when it comes to getting things done.

The color that suits your personality type is Gravity Gray .

8. ISTJ: Winter Wreath


You may tend to be the type of person who likes conventional things, but that doesn't mean you are old-fashioned in choosing colors.

For bedroom paint colors, the color that suits you is winter wreath with an impression that seems time-consuming.

9. ENFJ: Lilac Sand

You are the type of person who likes to put others before yourself and easily thrives in a comfortable environment.

Therefore, make your bedroom as comfortable as possible with lilac sand color .

10. INFJ: Moody Teal

You like to be different from other people, but you also don't like attracting attention.

With that kind of personality, moody teal could be the perfect color for you.

11. ESTP: Persimmon Orange

You are very adventurous and not someone who likes to read books when deciding on decorations.

To show your adventurous side, choose a persimmon orange color with fearless and spontaneous characteristics.

12. ISTP: Antique Teal

You are a creative person and like to find new ways of doing things, but you are not a person who opens up personally.

Therefore, you are very suitable for embracing colors such as antique teal .

13. ESFP: Wax Pepper

Your personality is very bright and open, and you don't hesitate to show that personality.

The bedroom paint color that suits your personality is wax pepper .

14. ISFP: Cosmic Sapphire

You are a dreamer and artistic, so you tend to like eclectic colors.

This kind of personality fits the cosmic sapphire very well .

15. ENTJ: Cold Brew

You are known to be goal-oriented, focused, and don't like wasting time.

Therefore, you are very suitable for colors that can show strength like cold brew .

16. INTJ: Matcha

You have an introspective and analytical personality, but prefer to keep things to yourself.

Such personality types match perfectly with matcha color paint . The green hue can give you balance.


Hopefully this article is useful, Friend!

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