7 Tips To Make A Room Feel Spacious

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Who doesn't like having a beautiful house or apartment like in an interior design magazine? Unfortunately, not everyone is financially capable enough to buy spacious houses and apartments. As the owner, you also have to be smart to get around so that the room seems spacious.

How to make a small room seem larger:

But, no need to worry. Even though you have a narrow house, you can be creative and optimize each room so that your residence looks more spacious. Not only does it look spacious, your house can look more "wow!". Want to know how? Check out the following tips to make the room seem spacious!

Using Bright Colors

Use bright and neutral colors to paint walls, curtains and furniture to create an airy impression in the room. For example, white, ivory or cream colors that can be matched with all colors. If you want to use wallpaper, then choose a wallpaper with a small motif.

Instead, the color of the wall paint is adjusted to the color of the furniture so that the room does not look 'full'.

Choose the Right Furniture

Due to limited space, you should choose furniture or furniture that is simple and sleek so it doesn't take up space. In addition, tables, chairs or sofas should not have many ornaments, details or sizes.

You can also choose multi-functional furniture for room efficiency. For example, a bed that has space at the bottom so that it can be used as a storage area. Or a table that also functions as a chair by adding a seat at the top. Read9 Beautiful And Contemporary Type 36 Minimalist House Terrace Models, Amazed!.

Reduce Barriers

The use of partitions to separate one room from another can add to the impression of being narrow, so you should reduce the use of partitions, or even avoid them. Removing the partition or divider between the living room and family room, or the kitchen with the dining room will make your home or apartment feel more spacious while giving the impression of being 'warm' and open. However, if the partition is absolutely necessary, choose a partition that is not permanent so you can remove it at any time, for example by using a sliding door as a screen.

Take Advantage of Empty Space Having a small house or apartment means that you have to be creative in using every room. Maximize every part of your house or apartment that is still empty as a storage area so that your belongings do not fill the room and add to the impression of being cramped. For example, the area under the stairs that you can use as a storage area for tools or as a unique multilevel wall shelf.

Use of Unpatterned Carpet

If you want to cover the floor of a house or apartment with carpet, choose a solid and plain colored rug or without a pattern. Plain carpets will make the floor and the room you live in look more spacious and spacious. Read7 Wall Plate Decoration Ideas That Will Change Your Home.

Mirror Addition

This is the most popular method used to add spaciousness to a house or apartment. The reflection from the mirror makes the room look as if it were twice as big as it really is. The addition of this mirror can be applied throughout the room, starting from the living room, dining room and even bedroom.

Choose the Right Accessories

A narrow room is not a barrier for you to add knick-knacks or accessories to add to the beautiful appearance of the room. However, don't get carried away and add too many accessories. In addition, the selection of accessories is also important to make the room seem spacious. Avoid accessories or decorations that have too much detail.

As a sweetener in the room, you can add decorative lights or live flowers. Choose decorative lights that emit white light to give a calm and bright impression. While live flowers can give a fresh impression to the room. Place flowers in the corners of the room so as not to limit the space for movement. Read16 Best Bedroom Paint Colors Based On MBTI Personality. Which One Are You?

Here are some tips to make the room seem spacious for your small house or apartment. Let's practice right away!

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